IGS GeboJagema
Eye for precision

High Precision Moulds

We offer a broad range of high precision moulds for the
healthcare, optical, packaging and technical industry.

Moulding solutions

IGS GeboJagema manufactures multicavity high precision injection moulds, using only the highest specifications of materials and the latest technology and machinery available, like robotised HSM machines and fully automated EDM equipment. IGS GeboJagema’s streamlined production system delivers high-speed results that exceed customer expectations.

IGS GeboJagema – the eye for
precision that makes the difference.

IGS GeboJagema - An eye for precision

IGS Portfolio

History IGS GeboJagema

To build long-term business value, you need to work with partners you can trust. At IGS GeboJagema, we have an eye for precision that goes far beyond all normal boundaries.

It comes from over 65 years of painstaking work, carving high precision moulds out of solid unforgiving blocks of steel. And crafting exotic materials into exceptional components and subassemblies that meet impossible performance requirements. For medical, pharmaceutical, optical, packaging and high-end technical industries.

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Enhanced quality department
IGS GeboJagema expanded the quality department to support the expected growth in the upcoming years.
Quality department expanded