29 September 2016

IGS GeboJagema expands quality control department

IGS GeboJagema expands quality control department

IGS GeboJagema expanded the quality department to support the expected growth in the upcoming years.

IGS is leading the industry in terms of the complete mould making process from
engineering to manufacturing and validation. This expertise is highly valued by its customers as the moulds are critical for the quality of the OEM’s end products.

To ensure the required quality, IGS established a proffesional quality control department in the past, responsible for the metrology of steel mold parts as well as for the plastic product, molded during the validation of the tool. Due to the expected growth and the increasing demands of the appreciated customers, IGS GeboJagema decided to enhance their quality department. The climatized quality office is doubled in space, additional personnel is hired in and two new Zeiss CMMs are ordered. The first device will be installed in October '16.

The new quality deparment is expected to be fully finished in december of this year.