IGS GeboJagema

Cutting-edge injection moulds for the
healthcare industry

IGS GeboJagema creates moulds for products where extreme precision is vital: from glasses and contact lenses to asthma inhalers,
insulin pens and blood diagnostic devices. Based in the heart of Europe’s most important technology hub, we have built a team of world-class engineers.
Through their drive and creativity, we developing unique, innovative and highly reliable moulding solutions for the healthcare market.

Engineering power

The expertise and the courage to explore bold, new solutions

Medical Industry Expert

Decades of experience in the medical industry

Smart Engineering

A perfect design for cost-effective production and high reliability

Medical devices and consumables

IGS GeboJagema specialises in moulds for syringes, dose counters, insulin pens, inhalers, medical packaging and diagnostic consumables, intravenous solutions and other single-use medical devices.

Some examples for the healthcare industry

How we work

IGS GeboJagema has specialised in working closely with medical OEMs early in the product lifecycle. This allows our clients to take full advantage of our engineering expertise.

Whether that means attaining higher precision through two-shot components, or building 64-impression moulds with perfect interchangeability and repeatability.

Our team thrives when challenged and loves to take on the most complex and demanding projects.

Let’s innovate together

What project are you working on right now? We are always happy to share our expertise and identify opportunities to optimise your project’s feasibility.

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