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IGS GeboJagema is a high end tool shop, specialized in the design, production and validation of plastic injection molds. Our customers are global OEM’s and CMO’s which are active in the market segments Healthcare, Packaging and Optical. In these segments we distinguish ourselves with our fully automated production process, our engineering capabilities and our extensive validation capabilities. More than 90% of our tools are exported outside the Netherlands, of which about half is exported to the USA.

Because of the already large customer base in the USA we are looking to expand our footprint in the USA and are opening a shop beginning of 2023. Initially the shop will focus to be able to have all customer relations locally in the USA. This means the goal is to have by the end of 2023 a shop containing: Sales, Service, Engineering and Validation

During 2024 we will then expand further with production capabilities to also be able to make adjustments and optimizations and with that also small production series.

Are you interested to work in a challenging environment and help us built our USA footprint, then we are looking for you!


In this role, you are responsible for performing various machining tasks using (CNC) grinding machines. Additionally, you will verify whether preceding operations and your own operations have been carried out according to specifications. A flexible mindset, willingness to collaborate and contribute to the entire department will ensure that you make a significant contribution to the success of our company.

Task and responsibilities

  • The machine setup and workpiece clamping
  • Loading and unloading the machines
  • Providing recommendations for new machining possibilities and cutting tools
  • Producing single pieces and serial production
  • Inspecting products using measuring instruments
  • Able to operate the machine manually

Job requirements

  • Technical Education
  • Relevant work experience in a precision mechanical/machining production environment is desirable but not mandatory.
  • Experience with (CNC-controlled) grinding machines is desirable.

Competencies we are looking for

  • High level of independence
  • Proactive and hands-on approach
  • Team player

Our headquarters

What we offer you

  • Chance of a permanent contract
  • 25 days off
  • An above average salary
  • Excellent secundary working conditions
  • Extensive bonus scheme
  • Keep learning every day
  • Flexible working hours

This is us

IGS GeboJagema is a high-end mouldmaker, specialized in designing, manufacturing and validating high quality injection moulds. Our customers have footprints in the healthcare markets Drug Delivery, In-Vitro Diagnostics, Ophthalmic and/or Packaging. From glasses and contact lenses to asthma inhalers, insulin pens and blood diagnostic devices. Our work can be found in products where extreme precision is vital. We believe that constantly pushing the envelope and delivering work of the highest possible quality is the key to making people all over the world healthier and happier.

We are a leading, global, customer focused, innovative and cost-efficient service provider, offering our products and services to market leaders or potential market leaders in market segments where IGS GeboJagema can create value.

IGS GeboJagema is extremely ambitious and want to be a global player in the field of mould making, based on customer focus, unburdening, knowledge, skills and innovation. We therefore have the ambition to serve the top 10 global customers, in the selected market segments. Vice versa, we want to be listed in the top 5 mould makers of these customers as preferred partner.

IGS GeboJagema wants to excel and control the total chain of the delivery of multi-cavity moulds and high-precision parts. We have the knowledge, skills and assets to control and optimize the total process, from advice and engineering to validation and industrialization. We will take care for our customers. Especially by offering the assurance that our end product meets the customer’s expectations for 100% and is perfectly fit for purpose. Accordingly, we strive for excellence, not rated by ourselves, but by intensive audits of our customers.

The proactive approach of IGS GeboJagema is a typical example of how we wants to serve our customers during the duration of the project. We control the whole process, from project kick-off until the final delivery of the mould or part.

IGS GeboJagema wants to be an early adapter of new technologies in the field of feasibility, design, manufacturing and validation of high-end moulds. We will keep focus on these new technologies and through a strong partnership with our customers, suppliers and other partners, we will enhance our knowledge, skills and innovations.

Multidisciplinary teams are installed to focus on new innovations. These teams will share all competencies and information of the stakeholders, to learn and to innovate. Innovation is seen by us as a prerequisite to create and to enhance our leading position in the market.
By the innovation teams, we want to develop IGS GeboJagema to a knowledge institute and wants to be recognized as a distinctive and leading partner by all our customers and potential customers in our markets.

IGS GeboJagema actively monitors their costs to limit their production costs for IGS GeboJagema as
well as for their customers. New technologies and smart designs will be applied to reduce the total
costs of ownership for the customers. We invest constantly in new robotized and automated state-of-the-art equipment which is selected, purchased and utilized. We will learn, improve ourselves and
manage our risks continuously to structurally decrease our internal costs of all processes. Herewith we will realize the best product against the lowest possible costs and we will secure the continuity of the company. Well controlled costs will enhance the company and the possibility to invest in high-tech
equipment and the newest technologies.

IGS GeboJagema will be recognized as the full-service provider in the market due to the
comprehensive portfolio from assessment and advice to validation and industrialization. We will guide
the customer during the whole project to achieve the mutual objectives of IGS GeboJagema and the
Besides that, we will supply our services long after the delivery of our goods. Optimization, modification and refurbishment are part of these services. We will do our utmost to use our skills and competencies to provide the customer with the best possible solution for his challenges.

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Rik Louer - High Speed Miller

“There’s a lot of satisfaction in delivering a neatly finished product.”

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If you’re interested in working at IGS, I’d love to hear from you. Still have some questions about working at IGS? I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have as well, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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