From metered dose inhalers and insulin pens to dose counters. IGS is a leading producer of moulds for a wide range of drug delivery devices. Our customers select us for our smart design and engineering solutions, extreme precision and unrivalled qualification process.

Our engineering department has the brains and guts to innovate. Inspired by the capabilities of the machinery in our tool shop, we are unafraid to explore new ground and push the limits of what’s possible. Our team is ready to take on the most complex and technically challenging components in a device.

Engineering Power

The expertise and the courage to explore bold, new solutions

Extreme Precision

Tolerances down to a few microns.

Validation Capabilities

Our rigorous validation process ensures perfect performance.

Let's innovate together

How we work

Our validation process is simply unmatched in the world. Apart from its rigour and attention to detail, we have made it as easy and convenient for our customers as possible. By placing your machine in one of our protected, secure validation cells, we are able to perform almost the entire validation process at our location, including the operational qualification. You can attend the validation in person or remotely through a high-quality video connection. By the time your mould arrives at your facility, this leaves only the performance qualification to finalize the validation process.

With IGS, you will be choosing a financially stable partner to support you during your device’s entire lifetime. In addition, our efficient and methodical approach to documentation and project management are in line with GDP and GMP requirements, making us the ideal partner to be working with for innovations such as traceability, connectivity and smart products.

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