Today’s ophthalmic industry is unimaginable without IGS. Our specialised tool shop is the cornerstone of the world’s largest manufacturers of contact lenses, spectacles, intraocular lenses and smart optics. Both our expertise as well as our collection of equipment are without rival.


Over the years, our tool shop has helped shape the ophthalmic industry.

Specialised measuring tools

In our ultramodern factory, we use the latest machinery to achieve the best possible results.

Nanometre precision

Through long-standing partnerships with diamond turning companies, we can achieve precisions beyond all normal limits.

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How we work

The specialised measuring tools in our workshop include:

  • Zygo laser interferometer
  • StrainMatic polarimeter
  • Focal vision and visionix equipment
  • Taylor Hobson profilometer
  • ZEISS Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Keyence 3D microscope

IGS also has a robot polishing department to work with hardened tool steel, enabling us to finish optical inserts within a few hundreds of a dioptre. Two diamond point turning companies support us in the production of the most extreme optical products where nanometre precision is required.

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