Article IGS Smart Solutions to reduce Carbon Footprint

In this article, Rob Doorakkers, Chief Innovation Officer, and Geert van Amstel,Validation Team Lead, both at high-precision mould maker IGS GeboJagema, discuss why the company decided to become carbon neutral, how it is working to make injection moulding more sustainable and how the organisation is minimising its impact on the environment.

From Apple and Microsoft to IKEA and Unilever, the largest companies in the world have committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The healthcare industry is no exception; all major players have made plans to make their operations planet-friendly. Those ambitions will have a large effect on the rest of the market too, as suppliers will be required to meet sustainability standards more and more often. IGS GeboJagema has been carbon neutral since 2019. Nonetheless, the company feels it still has plenty of work to do.

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IGS Smart Solutions to Reduce Carbon Footprint – ODD April-May 2022