New injection moulding machine for customer service centre

IGS GeboJagema is excited to announce that a new injection moulding machine will be added to its customer service centre in the fall of this year. This new 280-ton ENGEL machine brings our total number of injection moulding machines up to eight, thus increasing our capacity significantly. The machine also has a range of features that further expands our validation capabilities.

Of course, our 1200m2 customer service centre provides plenty of space for customers to place their own machine for the validation process. In most projects, this is the most suitable solution. With this new injection moulding machine (IMM), we want to be more flexible and provide another option to our clients when moving their own machine is not convenient or possible.

Currently, we have three ENGEL IMMs in our factory: a 110, 160 and 300-ton machine. Over the past two years, more orders have come in for larger, high-cavity moulds. As a result, the 300-ton IMM is seeing more and more use. This new 280-ton machine ensures we will have more than enough capacity in the coming years to validate moulds of any size.

Versatility was a key factor in our choice for this machine. Smart design ensures a more accessible mould area and makes the machine more flexible. We opted for sixteen I/Os, which allows for a range of applications, such as using servomold linear actuators instead of hydraulic cylinders. An improved barrel change system for the sprue allows us to switch between barrel sizes quickly. Other notable features include support for injection compression and expanded software for weight, clamp and melt control.

We are looking forward to adding the new IMM to our factory. Delivery is planned for October of this year and, assuming the global situation allows it, you are more than welcome to come see it in action.