How model based definition revolutionises the production of medical device.

Here, Rob Doorakkers, Chief Innovation Officer, at IGS GeboJagema, looks at the advantages of the company’s Model Based Definition process and its ability to improve the quality of medical device production.

The requirements for medical devices are constantly evolving. This includes ISO norms and government regulations, of course, but patients today are also looking for greater convenience. Modern devices are becoming easier for patients to use, yet often more complex to produce.

In short, the challenge for manufacturers is to further improve the quality of increasingly complex medical devices. IGS GeboJagema engineers and manufactures
injection moulds for drug delivery devices, such as syringes, autoinjectors and inhalers. The key to delivering quality can be captured in a single word: precision. When the company manufactures moulds for medical devices, it works with tolerances as low as a few microns. This need for extreme precision has been a major factor in IGS GeboJagema’s decision to implement a new approach in its factory:
Model Based Definition (MBD).

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