IGS GeboJagema launches US subsidiary

IGS GeboJagema is excited to announce the launch of a new subsidiary dedicated to the United States. With our new subsidiary, we intend to better serve our existing US client base while also further developing the North-American market.

For close to two decades now, IGS GeboJagema has focused on working closely with medical OEMs early in the product life cycle. It has allowed our clients to take full advantage of our engineering power. Based in the heart of the most prominent technology hub of Europe, we have been able to assemble a team of world-class engineers. Through their ambition and creativity, we develop cutting-edge and highly reliable molding solutions that give our clients an edge over their competitors.

In recent years, more and more industry leaders have come to rely on our team’s unrelenting drive for new, innovative solutions. Our US client base has also grown significantly and accounts for over 50% of our revenue. With an IGS GeboJagema subsidiary on the US East Coast, we will be able to provide faster and more convenient sales and service support to our valued North-American clients. We also intend to collaborate on new projects with new customers. In short, this is the logical next step for IGS GeboJagema and our clients, as we create the future of injection molding together.



“IGS GeboJagema has enabled our business to grow 10x over the past 25 years. We would not have been successful if IGS had simply delivered the common, standard fare goods. The suite of mold hardware we developed together reduces costs, improves delivery time and requires less maintenance and toolroom support. Our IGS molds are considered the gold standard within our company’s manufacturing arena.”

Vice President of R&D
at a globally leading healthcare OEM