In the first quarter of 2020 IGS has installed no less than five new machines for different departments. The Hardened Part Manufacturing department has recently welcomed their 5th and 6th robotized GF FORM X600. These EDM machines of AgieCharmilles have a unique mechanical structure. The modern solution consists of a machine column made of polymer with a sophisticated and unique system which compensates temperature variations. Temperature stabilization is achieved by cooling the X, Y and Z-glass scales and also the Z axis ball screw with stable temperature dielectric. A fixed table with an automatically lowerable work tank, allowing easy loading of heavy work pieces, as well as a modular automation system.

The Hardened Steel Manufacturing (HSM) Department  is enhanced with the arrival of a new Microcut Unibore machine. This machine offers solutions for honing and lapping of bore diameters from 0.015 mm to 8.0 mm.

Correction of the following quality criteria can be achieved:
Ø:                      dimension and dimensional accuracy
geometry:     roundness and cylindricity surface roughness

Last, but not least, also the Quality department has been expanded with two new Zeiss Prismo and are installed in the new white-room area with the other CMM machines, OGP video CMMs and other metrology devices to support the in-line inspections and to enable further growth.

PRISMO from ZEISS is synonymous around the world for high-speed scanning and maximum accuracy in the measuring lab and near production. With length measurement error of just 0.5+L/500 micrometer, ZEISS PRISMO ultra is ideal when maximum demands on precision have to be met and therefore the perfect machine for IGS GeboJagema.

From Precision to Perfection