As simple as possible and as complex as needed. In short, that is our design and engineering philosophy. For aerosol valves and actuators, a smart design can drastically simplify your production process. With decades of experience in inhalers for the medical industry, we have the know-how to tweak your design to minimize risks and bring down costs through faster cycle times. Curious to find out how we can help you? As part of our quotation, we always provide design for manufacturing support and share our ideas for your mould in a design study.


For aerosol products, high precision is vital for the stem fit and thin walls. In our world-class tool shop, extreme precision is the norm. All our components are 100% reproducible and interchangeable. We provide a guarantee of up to five million shots and are always available to support you with regular maintenance or other service requests. We are also happy to refurbish your mould after two to five million shots.

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