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A reduced cycle time, more consistent products and no more unscheduled maintenance. More and more, the food and beverage industry is moving towards higher quality moulds and packaging. With decades of experience in the medical and optical industry, extreme precision is the cornerstone of our organization. By delivering cutting-edge quality, we can make your production process quicker, more cost-effective and more reliable.


It starts with our design for manufacturing advice. Our experts know how subtle tweaks to your design can make your product easier, faster and less expensive to produce. To reduce cycle times, we apply cutting-edge techniques such as conformal cooling and 3D printing of steel. After engineering and manufacturing your mould, our extensive qualification process identifies and documents the exact settings needed to produce products that meet your requirements. From the first to the last shot.

We guarantee three to five million shots on every mould we deliver and are ready to help, should you run into any issues. Though truth be told, we get so little service requests regarding malfunctions, our service after sales department is just one man strong. A testament to our commitment to extreme quality.

We also offer complete service contracts, where we perform preventative maintenance at your facility every couple of months, replacing O-rings and other wear parts, and refurbish the mould after two to five million shots.


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