Remote mould validation


How can we make our customers’ lives as easy as possible? It’s a question we ask ourselves frequently at IGS. We want ‘customer focus’ to be more than just a phrase on our website.

Mould validation is a cornerstone of that effort. Over decades, we have developed a rigorous mould qualification protocol that identifies the perfect settings to produce a product that fits your requirements down to a few microns. Our scientific approach takes into account over 200 factors that affect the quality of your product.

Remote mould validation - IGS

We perform the qualification on one of the nine injection moulding machines available in our factory. We also have more than enough space in our customer service center for clients to install their own injection moulding machine, allowing us to carry out the performance qualification as well.

In short: our extensive validation process offers a truly plug-and-play experience for our customers. Still, validation meetings can be hard to schedule and often involve a significant amount of travel, which both increases one’s carbon footprint and simply costs a lot of time. Moreover, sometimes in-person meetings are simply not possible due to travel restrictions or other circumstances.

So, how can we make mould validation even easier?


Introducing: remote validation

Remote validation is a huge step in making our qualification process even more customer friendly. It allows our clients to attend any stage of the qualification process from wherever they are in the world.

Here’s how it works

You’ll join our project team in our tool shop through a 4K video stream. The injection moulding machine is one of the participants of the call.

The machine is operated by our process engineer, who will join the meeting with a headset, allowing you to communicate directly and ask any questions you like.

Using handheld 4K cameras, our engineer will show you every detail of the mould from every possible angle.

You can inspect your products through high-quality video and see the measurements of each product instantly, through our real-time measuring tool.

Remote validation meetings are possible at any stage of the qualification process. From the first runs of the tool and the operational qualification to the verification runs and the factory acceptance test.

So join us online whenever an in-person qualification isn’t possible or when remote validation is simply quicker, easier or more efficient for you.

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