Why I like working at IGS? We are an incredibly modern company. We’re at the forefront of continuous automation not only in Europe, but in the whole world. Things I considered impossible 25 years ago happen here every day. We really are front runners and it’s a lot of fun to work at a company like that. I also like the fact that we work for the medical industry. It’s a meaningful cause and I can see the results of our efforts in everyday situations. Whenever I see lenses, insulin pens or inhalers, chances are I’ll have worked on them. Sometimes we even supplied a mould for each component, so I’ll actually know exactly how that product was produced, from start to finish.

I’ve been working at IGS for 25 years now. I started as a profile grinder and developed into a quality manager through various positions. Throughout my career at IGS, I’ve always felt the confidence of my managers. What I like most about my current role is that I have a lot of responsibility and variety. I manage all quality issues in the workshop and lead the metrology department. In our factory the lines of communication are short, so I’m in contact with the entire company. Colleagues in the workshop, engineers, programmers, the management… I really like that about my job!