There’s a lot of variety in my work as a tool maker. It takes about two weeks to build a mould from start to finish. So one day I might be meticulously finishing components, while the next day I might assemble all the parts to put together the entire mould. At every step of the way, I want to be as precise as possible as I work towards my favourite moment: when the mould produces its first product. To see the mould you’ve built produce a perfect product always makes me really proud!

I learned the trade on the job at IGS. This is certainly not something you can learn from a book. The first years, I worked alongside an experienced colleague who taught me a lot. But even now, after nine years, I’m still learning every single day. The moulds are becoming more and more complex, which makes building them increasingly difficult. My work needs to become increasingly precise and I’ve noticed my eye for detail has developed enormously over the past years. So my job is always challenging!

Why work for IGS? It’s great to go to work in a modern factory with state-of-the art facilities. Everything is really well-organised and taken care of. If you have a heart for technology, IGS is amazing company to work at!