In my work as production planner, I make sure that we optimise our factory’s output every day. Aside from the day-to-day management, I also focus on longer term improvements. How can we avoid making the same mistakes? When something unexpected happens, what is the root cause? I have the freedom in my job to tackle those questions how I see fit. For example, I just got my Six Sigma green belt and a few colleagues are getting their black belt. We’ve been working to turn the factory into a Kaizen culture, which has been both fun and rewarding. We’re building something really special here. Speaking more generally, that’s what really sets IGS apart: the drive and direction within the company. Everyone knows where we’re heading and we’re making visible progress towards that destination.

My favourite part of the job? That has to be the collaboration with my colleagues in the workshop. Every day we try to get as much done as we can in the right order, while maintaining the highest possible quality. By supporting each other and putting our shoulders to the wheel, we’re constantly working to take things to a higher level. The teamwork and sense of togetherness are what I enjoy most about working at IGS.