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Mould Design

The Brains and Guts to Innovate

A good mould design is the answer to a single question. What is the most efficient way to meet all your needs and requirements? Our designs are as simple as possible but as complex as needed.

We have the brains and guts to innovate

Interview with Ron Brouwers, Project Engineer at IGS GeboJagema

Kick-off Meeting

The mould design starts with a kick-off meeting with all involved parties. Before we get to work, we get everyone on the same page by putting all expectations and responsibilities to paper. From shrinkage and metrology to transportation and warranty.

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Preliminary Design and Review

The preliminary design is a broad stroke, 3D representation of what the mould will look like. Based on your feedback, we adjust this preliminary design and start engineering the final design of the mould.

From preliminary design & review
To the final design

Tool Design & Design Qualification

After finishing the tool design, we perform a Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. Next, we go through a checklist together to make sure the final 3D-design meets all your requirements. Is the cooling sufficient? Where are the O-rings located? What type of connectors has been used? How much maintenance is required? If necessary, we adjust the tool design and qualify it again until it is exactly right and fit for purpose.

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