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Mould Risk Assessment

The Power of a Smart Design

Faster, better, stronger and more cost-effective. A smart product design is the key to efficient and optimized production of high quality products and devices. That is why it is vital to collaborate with you in the earliest stages of your product development. Our engineering, manufacturing and process experts know exactly how to adjust seemingly small details to make a big impact on your bottom line.

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Interview with Rob Doorakkers, Chief Innovation Officer at IGS GeboJagema

Design for Manufacturing Support

Thinner walls. Rounded instead of sharp corners. A slightly altered parting line. Small changes in the product design can dramatically simplify the manufacturing and moulding process. That means minimized risks, increased production speed and a lower cost price. One hundredth of a millimetre can make a world of difference.

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We know exactly what small changes in the product design can drastically simplify the manufacturing process

Mould Flow Analysis

The Mould Flow Analysis predicts how the plastic will behave during the moulding process. From shrinking, melt temperature and warpage to cycle time, process settings and time-to-fill. Essential information for the design of an efficient mould.

The mould flow analysis is a detailed report on these crucial factors

Filling pattern

at filling

Pressure drop during injection

Shear ratio

Flow vectors

Design Study

Our engineering experts create a 2D sketch of our proposed mould. A rough design that includes all essential components such as the split lines, cooling, hot runner and sliders. This design study gives you a clear picture of our plan and allows us to offer a tailored, detailed quotation.

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