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Mould Services

Committed to Quality

From preventative maintenance and refurbishment to spare parts management. Our commitment to quality does not end after the mould leaves our workshop. We are ready to support you in any way necessary to ensure a smooth production process.

We take away our customers’ concerns

Interview with Erwin van Huijksloot, Sales Manager at IGS GeboJagema


For every mould we produce, we guarantee a minimum amount of shots and a minimum lifetime in years. After that, we can fully refurbish the mould by taking it apart, cleaning it, replacing wear parts like O-rings and guiding systems and installing new cavities. We then qualify the refurbished mould again and ship it back.

On-site support

As part of our extensive service possibilities, we also offer regularly planned visits of one of our skilled engineers to maintain your moulds at your facility. Following strict procedures, we check the technical status of the mould, disassemble the mould completely, replace wear parts and other parts if necessary, and reassemble the mould to ensure the quality of your end products.

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We are more then happy to answer any questions and discuss how we can help you.

Our Vision of the Future
Smart Moulds

Our Vision of the Future: Smart Moulds

Imagine checking the status of your mould in an app on your computer or phone. Seeing all relevant performance indicators at a glance and knowing the exact right moment to plan maintenance. We are working hard to make this a reality. By installing sensors and making our moulds 'smart', maintenance and refurbishments will become more cost-effective and reliable than ever. Smart moulds will even allow us to offer you a total service contract, where we monitor your mould for you, plan frequent maintenance visits and extend the shot warranty up to 10 million shots.

Know the exact right moment to plan maintenance

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